Table S1 Full table of metadata for the lakes used in this study including references that describe the disturbances and zooplankton sampling protocols.

Table S2 The GenBank numbers of the sequences in our 16 phylogenetically informative clusters that we used to construct the crustacean zooplankton molecular phylogeny.

Table S3 Description and citations for our rational of the constrained nodes in our supermatrix parsimony analyses.

Table S4 Description and citations for our rational of the placement of species and nodes on our crustacean zooplankton informal supertree.

Table S5 Body size estimates of the species in the 6 lakes with the largest disturbance-phylogenetic effects.

Appendix S1 Phylogenetic reconstruction.

Appendix S2 Disturbance-phylogenetic effect analyses with an informal supertree.

Appendix S3 Time-series plots.

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