Figure S1 Variation in effect size among the 616 studies included in the largest data subset (Analysis 1), ranked from largest to smallest.

Figure S2 Parameter estimates (weighted mean +/− SE) for the important explanatory variables in Analyses 2 (AM fungi only) and 3 (single-species inocula only).

Appendix S1 Further details on generation of hypotheses, data extraction, construction of data subsets, and creation of candidate statistical models.

Appendix S2 File containing the data used in the multi-factor meta-analyses and the univariate tissue nutrient analyses.

Appendix S3 Full bibliographic references for publications from which analyzed data were extracted.

Appendix S4 Detailed description of how multi-factor mixed-model meta-analysis was conducted for Analyses 1-4.

Appendix S5 Model selection results from multi-factor meta-analyses of the four data subsets.

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