Figure S1 Predicted number of plant species + SEM for centres and edges of organic and conventional crop fields.

Figure S2 The relationship between the number of adult aphidophagous hoverflies per farm and the percentage of arable land in the landscape surrounding conventional and organic farms in coldspot and hotspot landscapes.

Table S1 Best candidate models.

Table S2 Averaged model coefficients.

Table S3 Summary statistics (mean + SEM) for cereal aphid and hoverfly larvae in organic and conventional cereal fields.

Table S4 (a) Averaged model coefficients from best subset models with DAIC < 4. (b) Akaike weight summed across all models w+(j) for each parameter.

Table S5 (a) Loadings and Pearson correlation coefficients (r) of variables characterizing principal components (PC) from Principal Component Analysis with abundance of farmland bird species and corvids and (b) Pearson correlation coefficients (in brackets) between environmental variables and PC scores.

Appendix S1 Supporting analysis on plants, hoverflies and farmland birds.

Appendix S2 List of contributors to data collection.

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