Appendix S1 Methodological details.

Figure S1 Variation in the removal rates of transplanted individual Sargassum thalli between diurnal and nocturnal periods on the reef crest of Pioneer Bay, Orpheus Island.

Figure S2 Spatial and temporal variation in removal rates of Sargassum thalli positioned within each of the macroalgal density treatments.

Figure S3 Influence of Sargassum biomass on the grazing intensity of herbivorous fishes for each day of the deployments.

Figure S4 The relationship between the biomass of potential predators and the biomass of Sargassum within the each of experimental patches.

Figure S5 Proportion of total mass standardized bites taken from each of the Sargassum density treatments by the two dominant browsing fish species, Kyphosus vaigiensis and Naso unicornis.

Table S1 Results of repeated measures anova comparing the spatial variation in removal rates among thalli within the high, medium, and low density macroalgal treatments.

Table S2 Results of repeated measures MANOVA comparing relative removal rates of Sargassum biomass among sites, density treatments, and days.

Table S3 Results of repeated measures MANOVA comparing the feeding intensity of the two dominant browsing species among sites, density treatments, and days.

Table S4 Summary of predatory fishes recorded within the habitat patches.

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