Appendix S1 Expanded Materials and Methods.

Appendix S2 Biogeographic reconstructions.

Table S1 Hylid species richness at 123 local sites, including region and source.

Table S2 Latitude, longitude and climate at 123 local sites.

Table S3 Species composition and body sizes at 123 local sites.

Table S4 Climatic data for 337 hylid species.

Table S5 Climatic data and rates of body-size evolution for hylid genera.

Table S6 Clades, ages, richness and diversification rates for hylid genera.

Table S7 Male body sizes for hylid species.

Table S8 Minimum, maximum and ranges of body sizes for species in 123 sites.

Table S9 Estimates of the gamma statistic for major clades of hylids.

Table S10 Eigenvectors from PCA of 19 climatic variables for PC1 for 123 local sites.

Table S11 Eigenvectors from PCA of 19 climatic variables for PC1 for 337 species.

Table S12 Estimates of local richness and time for each climatic zone.

Table S13 Data on 12 local sites representing mean local richness in each region.

Table S14 Data on 19 local sites representing the maximum local richness in each region, where some regions have been subdivided to evaluate the robustness of the results to different delimitations of regions.

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