Table S1 References that include data on seed dispersal interactions * refers to networks available in Rezende, E., Lavabre, J., Guimarães Jr., P.R. & Bascompte, J. (2007). Non-random coextinctions in phylogenetically structured mutualistic networks. Nature, 448, 925–928) and ** refers to networks available in the Interaction Web Database (

Table S2 Seed dispersal interactions, with animal species in rows and plant species in columns. A matrix element representing a seed dispersal interaction between a plant and an animal species that was recorded received the value of one, and zero otherwise.

Table S3 Module in which each species was assigned (M1: mammal-dominated 1, M2: mammal-dominated 2, B1: bird module 1, B2: bird module 2, F: fish module), family, body mass, fruit length, fruit diameter, fruit mass, seed length, seed diameter, seed mass, z, c and number of interactions in the seed dispersal network.

Appendix S1 Description of the study sites

Appendix S2 Explanation for setting branch lengths equal to one

Figure S1 Accumulation curve with the average (black) and the standard deviation (grey) of the number of seed dispersal interactions in 1000 iterations, as a function of the number of seed dispersal events. Dashed line represents the asymptotic value for the number of seed dispersal interactions, which was estimated to be approximate 289.

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