Figure S1 Increasing the accuracy of occurrence predictions by including known data as a constraint (a test with synthetic metacommunities).

Figure S2 Examples of species distributions predicted using DynamicFOAM compared with those using individual species-distribution modelling.

Figure S3 Predicted vs. surveyed extent of occurrence for the 845 surveyed species.

Figure S4 Rank-occurrence relationships for both predicted occurrence and surveyed occurrence.

Figure S5 The effect of data scarcity on the accuracy of occurrence predictions.

Figure S6 The effect of a weighted-random procedure for generating an initial solution on the predictive accuracy of the algorithm.

Appendix S1 Detailed description of the DynamicFOAM algorithm.

Appendix S2 Applying DynamicFOAM directly to predict gamma-diversity.

Appendix S3 Estimation of the total number of land snail species.

Appendix S4 Scaling richness predictions from 20 m sample plot to 200 m grid cell.

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