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  1. Temperature dependence of the functional response Volume 14, Issue 9, 914–921, Article first published online: 13 July 2011

The authors would like to correct the following errors found in Englund et al. (2011). We had misclassified predator and prey in the study by Taylor & Collie (2003), which affected estimates of the temperature dependence of attack rates and maximal intake rates for crustaceans and fish in Table 1 in Englund et al. (2011). Corrected estimates are given in the table below. The changes in estimated temperature coefficients were small, but in one case, for attack rates of different predator taxa, the outcome of the analysis shifted from significant (P = 0.02) to non-significant (P = 0.08). Thus, the conclusion that the temperature dependence of attack rates was significantly different between predator taxa is not supported by the data. No other conclusions made in the paper were affected by this error. Two other studies, Sell et al. (2001) and Thompson (1978), were misclassified in the online appendix but not the analyses presented in Englund et al. (2011).

Table 1.   Corrected estimates of the temperature dependence of attack rate and maximal intake rate for different predator and prey taxa. The data were originally presented in table 1 in Englund et al. (2011). Approximate 95% confidence intervals are given within parentheses. Q-values refer to Cochran’s Q-statistic, which is used to test for differences between groups
 Attack rateQPMaximal intake rateQPN
  1. n.s., not significant.

Predator taxa
 Insect0.80 (±0.13)6.61n.s.0.50 (±0.15)3.54n.s.35
 Fish0.61 (±0.34)  0.81 (±0.40)  7
 Crustacean1.01 (±0.43)  0.42 (±0.46)  6
 Mite1.17 (±0.67)  0.51 (±0.65)  4
Prey taxa
 Insect0.75 (±0.13)5.48n.s.0.58 (±0.16)2.91n.s.34
 Crustacean0.73 (±0.39)  0.29 (±0.50)  6
 Mite0.98 (±0.43)  0.53 (±0.48)  6
 Algae1.15 (±0.81)  0.82 (±1.13)  3

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