Fig. S1. Complementation assays of biofilm formation on glass coverslips 24 h after inoculation by miniTn7gfpAAV tagged LH1 (pME6041) (A), ΔpeaGHI (pME6041) (B), ΔpeaGHI (pMe-Pea) (C), ΔbcsΔpea (pME6041) (D) and ΔbcsΔpea (pMe-Bcs) (E). Ten epifluorescence microscopy images were taken per replicate using a 10× objective. Values are the mean ± SEM % surface area coverage at the air–liquid interface of two to three experiments, each comprised of three replicates.

Fig. S2. α-Psl antisera reactivity with crude EPS isolated from P. aeruginosa PA01 and P. putida mt2 and EPS-deficient mutants. Strains are labelled above (top row) or below (bottom row) each EPS aliquot.

Fig. S3. PCR verification of gene deletions in P. putida strains. Primer sets flanking algD (A), peaGHI (P) and bcsQAB (B) genes were used to verify deletions in ΔbcsΔpea and ΔbcsΔpeaΔalgD mutants. Pea, Bcs and algD amplification products were reduced from 6.2, 6.1 and 3.7 kb to 3.2, 0.75 and 2.2 kb respectively.

Table S1. Competitive root colonization by mt2 and EPS-deficient mutants. Initial proportion of mutant cells in the inoculum and the final proportion recovered from roots 7 days after inoculation in direct competition with the wild-type mt2.

Table S2. PCR primers used for this study.

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