Fig. S1. Sections of subcores of the Salar Grande in which archaeal DNA was detected through nested PCR. Top: subcore sections; bottom: corresponding agarose gel after nested PCR. On the agarose gel, all the lanes except those annotated a to d correspond to PCR products from individual crystals. The arrow points to the 1018 bp fragments of the molecular marker (1 kb ladder, Invitrogen), the expected band size was 1039 bp. The bands observed at the bottom of the gels (fragments sizes < 220 bp) correspond to primer dimers. The asterisk (*) indicates the lanes in which positive results were obtained from the salt crystals; a: process negative control (DNA extraction negative control); b: negative control from external PCR; c: negative control from internal PCR; d: positive control (Halorubrum sodomense ATCC 33755).

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