Fig. S1. Dendrogram of Campylobacter isolates clustered according to CGH meta-analysis data comprised from this study and a previous study (Champion et al., 2005). Isolates identified in the previous study as being part of the livestock or non-livestock clusters are highlighted in red and blue respectively.

Fig. S2. Dendrogram of Campylobacter and related strains based on concatenated nucleotide sequences.

Fig. S3. Dendrogram of Campylobacter and related strains based on predicted protein orthologues.

Table S1. Summary of microarray comparative genome hybridizations (CGH) to indicate the presence or absence/divergence of selected genomic loci and distribution among the strains.

Table S2. Regions of divergence associated with the WW/ST-3704 isolates according to CGH.

Table S3. Summary of genome sequence data.

Table S4. Novel features of the C. jejuni 1336 and 414 genomes in comparison with NCTC11168. The data presented are based on comparisons of genome sequence data.

Table S5. Selected novel genomic regions of strains 1336 and 414 targeted for PCR assays.

Table S6. Details of oligonucleotide primers for PCR assays.

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