Fig. S1. Phylogeny of Mtd enzymes. The dotted line separates known and presumed MtdB enzymes from other Mtd types. α, β, γ: α-, β- and γ-Proteobacteria.

Fig. S2. Phylogenetic tree showing different classes of XoxF proteins, along with MxaF proteins. All proteins share more than 40% amino acid identity. A distantly related PQQ-linked dehydrogenase (less than 35% amino acid identity) was used as outgroup. All reported mutations (see text) were for group XoxF5.

Fig. S3. Phylogeny of Fae and Fae-like proteins. The dotted line separates known and presumed true Fae from homologues of unknown function.

Table S1. Substrate specificities of Mtd enzymes, compared with FolD.

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