Fig. S1. The binding positions of primers for crane coccidia. ERIB1, E18SF, EITSF2, EITSR1, EITSR2, E18SR, WW2 and WW4r are represented on the ribosomal RNA gene cluster of Eimeria tenella (Accession No. AF026388).

Table S1. Tested samples and results of species determination.

Table S2. Sample estimates of redundancy.

Table S3. The number of differences between 18S rRNA sequences of crane coccidia.

Table S4.p-distance between the ITS2 sequences of crane coccidia.

Table S5. PCR conditions.

Table S6. Characterization of the Grus microsatellite loci in red-crowned, hooded and white-naped cranes.

Table S7. Protozoan parasites used in the phylogenetic analysis.

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