Fig. S1. Overexpression of wspR or wspRR242A influences biofilm-related phenotypes. PAK wild type carrying either empty vector or overexpressing wspR or wspRR242A , as indicated in (A). A. Biofilm formation in static growth conditions visualized by crystal violet staining. B. Biofilm formation in shaking growth conditions quantified by crystal violet staining. C. Bacterial colony on Congo red agar. D. Swimming motility determined in 0.3% agar.

Fig. S2. Overproduction of a phosphodiesterase suppresses the hyperbiofilm phenotype of a retS mutant. Biofilm formation in glass tubes, visualized by crystal violet staining (left panel), and Congo red binding (right panel) of PAKΔretS carrying either empty vector or overproducing the phosphodiesterase PA2133.

Table S1. Strains and plasmids used in this study.

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