Fig. S1. MAUVE alignment of ‘Candidatus Scalindua profunda’ contigs to the ‘Candidatus Kuenenia stuttgartiensis’ genome assembly.

Fig. S2. SDS-PAGE of Kuenenia stuttgartiensis and Scalindua profunda cell extracts. Most proteins that yield visible bands are involved in the anammox process. Three subunits of HZS in K. stuttgartiensis are clearly visible, as is the case for S. profunda's two subunits, HZS-α and the fusion protein HZS-βγ (see also Fig. 3). The identity of bands was confirmed with MALDI-TOF analysis.

Fig. S3. MAUVE alignment of Scalindua profunda contigs to the fosmids retrieved from the Peru Oxygen Minimum Zones. (A) Fosmid mey3; (B) fosmid mey4, both contain the Scalindua ribosomal RNA operons; (C) fosmid PG46A10; and (D) fosmid PC60G12.

Fig. S4. Pie chart of 16S rRNA diversity in the enrichment culture of ‘Candidatus Scalindua profunda’.

Table S1. Description of ‘Candidatus Scalindua profunda’.

Table S2. Fasta file of the bases of the genes of Scalindua profunda.

Table S3. Fasta file of the amino acids encoded by the genes of Scalindua profunda.

Table S4. Full transcriptome of Scalindua profunda.

Table S5. Full proteome of Scalindua profunda.

Table S6. Highly expressed Scalindua profunda genes not found in K. stuttgartiensis.

Table S7. Overview and distribution of cytochrome c-encoding genes in Scalindua profunda.

Table S8. SNP analysis of octahaem encoding ORFs in the S. profunda genome assembly.

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