Fig. S1. Time series of selected physicochemical parameters correlated with bacterioplankton community composition (Table 1) for each sampling site, excluding DOC and TDN.

Fig. S2. Semi-variograms of the UniFrac distance from samples of each sampling site as a function of the corresponding pairwise distance in days.

Fig. S3. Species–time relationship power function transformed and plotted in log–log space. Slope of the line of best fit shown here is equivalent to power function exponent from non-transformed data.

Table S1. A. Relative average abundances of phyla (class for Proteobacteria) classified with BLAST taxonomy across all 107 stream samples from the four sampling sites. Those phyla representing less than 0.5% of the abundance in average for all the sampling points are grouped in ‘other phyla’ including: AD3, BH1, BRC1, Caldiserica, Caldithrix_KSB1, CCM11b, Chlorobi, Deferribacteres, Elusomicrobia, Fibrobacteres, Fusobacteria, Gemmatimonadetes, GN02, Lentisphaerae, Marine group A, MVP-15, NC10, Nitrospirae, NKB19, OP10, OP11, OP8, SC3, SC4, SM2F11, SPAM, Spirochaetes, SR1, Synergistetes, TG3, Thermi, Thermotogae, TM6, TM7, WPS-2, WS1, WS2, WS3, WS6, ZB3.

B. Relative abundances of bacterial taxa of the most abundant phyla listed in A. Numbers in bold represent the sum of sequences within each of the phylum (identical to those shown in A). Asterisks indicate sequences classified to the phylum level only.

Table S2. A. Dimensions and discharge details for each of the streams from this study.

B. Physicochemical data and date of sampling for each sample included in this study.

Table S3. Correlation between unweighted UniFrac distances and stream physicochemical parameters (Spearman rank correlations estimated using Mantel tests)a.

Table S4. Correlations between alpha diversity levels and stream physicochemical parameters estimated by linear regression analyses. In all the cases r < 0.21 and P > 0.05.

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