Fig. S1. Conservation of potential methylation sites among RsbK family members.

A. Multiple sequence alignment of the sequence segment containing potential methylation sites of 79 RsbK orthologue. The alignment score for each aligned residue column were displayed as histogram in below. Position of the two heptad segments involved in σB regulation are marked by a black solid line and a grey double line respectively.

B. Sequence signature of the two successive heptad containing potentially methylated residue Glu439 and Glu446. As indicated in the msa score histogram, these two heptads are high score aligned block. Logo text colour scheme are used to indicate the biochemical property of residues.

Table S1. Bacterial strains and plasmids.

Table S2. Oligonucleotides used in this study.

Table S3. Summary of RsbK family on the basis of sequence homology and gene organization.

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