Fig. S1. Monomer composition of PHA polymer accumulated by P. putida KT2440 (A and B) and KT40GlpR (C and D) cultures analysed in Figs 5B and 8B. Media of three independent flask culture experiments are shown with standard deviations of < 10%. OH-C6, 3-hydroxyhexanoate; OH-C8, 3-hydroxyoctanoate; OH-C10, 3-hydroxydecanoate; OH-C12, 3-hydroxydodecanoate; OH-C12:1, 3-hydroxy-5-cis-dodecenoate.

Fig. S2. OD630 turbidimetric profiles of P. putida KT2440 cells growing in M63 media using 20 mM glycerol (black circles) or 20 mM glycerol plus different pyruvate (A) and fructose (B) concentrations (grey symbols) as carbon sources. The represented values are the average (n ≥ 6) of the OD630 data obtained from the 96-microwell experiments.

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