Fig. S1. Neighbour-joining trees for nearly full-length 16S rRNA gene sequences that were constructed based on minimum length nucleotide sequences. Bootstrap values (1000 replications) above 50% are given. The scale bars indicate 0.5–1% estimated sequence divergence.

A. Polynucleobacter necessarius cluster (1335 nucleotides).

B. GKS98 cluster (1264 nucleotides).

C. Rhodoferax sp. BAL47 cluster (1394 nucleotides).

D. IRD18C08 cluster (1308 nucleotides).

E. Luna-1 and Luna-2 clusters (1338 nucleotides).

Table S1. Morphometric and water chemistry parameters of sampling sites.

Table S2. Substrate metabolism profile using Biolog analysis of isolated strains.

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