Figure S1. Kinetic properties of recombinant Alc. vinosum thiosulfate dehydrogenase. Velocity curves versus thiosulfate concentration at two different fixed ferricyanide concentrations.

Figure S2. pH dependence of reduction of Thiomonas TsdB with thiosulfate catalysed by Alc. vinosum TsdA. Assays were performed at 30°C in the presence of 37.8 μg ml−1 (1.8 μM) TsdB, 8 mM thiosulfate and 100 mM ammonium acetate buffer at the desired pH value. The reaction was started by addition of 0.57 μg ml−1 (22.4 nM) AvTsdA and followed as increase of absorbance at the TsdB Soret peak (417 nm).

Table S1. Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study.

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