Fig. S1. Superkingdom taxonomic profile across triplicate samples from each of the four viral metagenome methods and a non-replicated microbial metagenome. Note that these data represent only those metagenomic reads that had a significant hit to the SIMAP database.

Fig. S2. Fragment recruitment plots that show the distribution of metagenomic sequence reads that map to five abundant microbial genomes.

Table S1. The results of a one-way analysis of variance for the top taxonomic levels based on rank abundance in the samples by superkingdom, family and genus. Significant results are shown in bold. Abbreviations are used for each method: FC = FeCl3 CsCl + DNase, FS = FeCl3 sucrose + DNase, FD = FeCl3 DNase, TC = TFF and CsCl + DNase and TF = TFF CsCl + DNase.

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