Table S1. Common SNPs in both TBCF10839 and TBCF121838.

Table S2. Indels in both the TBCF10839 and TBCF121838 genomes changing position of stop codons or introducing frameshifts.

Table S3. PAO1 DNA not present in clone TB isolates TBCF10839 and TBCF121838.

Table S4a. SNPs in both TBCF10839 and TBCF121838 affecting stop codons.

Table S4b. Non-synonymous SNPs in TBCF10839 and TBCF121838 compared with the PAO1 genome.

Table S5. Novel clone TB genes represented in de novo assembled contigs.

Table S6a. Metabolome of TBCF10839 and TBCF121838 during exponential growth phase.

Table S6b. Metabolome of TBCF10839 and TBCF121838 in stationary phase.

Table S7. TBCF 10839 and TBCF121838 phenotypic assays.

Table S8. mRNA expression profile of adhesins in P. aeruginosa TBCF10839 and TBCF121838 compared with that of reference strain PAO1.

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