Table S1. Paired primers designed for the manipulation of five catalase genes in B. bassiana (Bb2860).

Fig. S1. Disruption and complement of five catalase genes from B. bassiana (Bb2860). A. Diagram for the construct of a single-gene knockout. B−F. Identification of disrupted and rescued catA, catB, catP, catC and catD respectively. Reverse transcriptional PCR (lanes 1−3) and Southern blotting (lanes 4−6) were performed for detecting the presence or absence of each target gene in the cDNAs and genomic DNAs of knockout mutant (lanes 1 and 4), wild type (lanes 2 and 5) and complement mutant (lanes 3 and 6) respectively. The restriction enzymes used in the digestion of genomic DNAs for probing catA, catB, catP, catC and catD in Southern blotting were XbaI/NcoI, XbaI/BamHI, EcoRI, EcoRI/HindIII, BamHI/HindIII respectively.

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