Appendix S1. Spore production and proportion of fungal spore mass (%) released from leaf litter that had been incubated for 36 days in 15 experimental stream channels. The last column of the table indicates the individual spore mass of each species used to calculate total spore production. Control A = filtered and autoclaved, control B = autoclaved.


Appendix S2. Fungal species identified in spore suspensions derived from leaves that had been colonized by microbes in four different forest streams (A to D). These suspensions were used to prepare Inoculum 1 (fungi + bacteria) which was then added to four experimental stream channels at the beginning (first suspension) and 7 days (second suspension) after the beginning of the experiment.


Appendix S3. Physico-chemical characteristics of water and sediment in experimental stream channels receiving one of four different inocula and sampled at six times after inoculation. Means with standard deviations in parentheses, n.d.: not determined, DOC = dissolved organic carbon, OM = organic matter.

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