Fig. S1. Overview of the sampling sites within the Schlöppnerbrunnen fen site (modified based on Reiche et al., 2009). D1–3, water table manipulation plots; C1–3, control plots. Sites for sampling of peat and pore water are indicated by black and grey circles respectively. D, sampling site on water table manipulation plot; Mc, sampling site with Molinia caerulea-dominated vegetation; Ev, sampling site with Eriophorum vaginatum-dominated vegetation.


Fig. S2. DGGE profiles of archaeal amoA genes at sites D, Ev and Mc (A), and of bacterial amoA genes (B) at sites Ev and Mc. DGGE analysis of AOB-amoA genes was not performed for site D and for sample Ev II due to low abundance of AOB-amoA genes.

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