Fig. S1. Colocalization of Cathepsin-D with the FCP.

A. Representative confocal microscopy images of colocalization of the lysosomal marker Cathepsin-D (red) with the phagosomes containing F. tularensis ssp. novicida (green). Untreated (Un) HEK293T cells or treated with the RNAi-negative control or the gene-specific RNAi for 48 h were infected with the WT strain U112 or formalin-killed (FK) bacteria using moi of 10 for 1 h followed by 1 h treatment with gentamicin to kill extracellular bacteria. The iglC mutant was used as a positive control.

B. Quantitative analysis of colocalization of the WT strain-containing phagosomes with Cathepsin-D at 30 min and 2 h after infection. At least 100 cells were analysed from different coverslips. This experiment was performed three times and the results are representative of one experiment.

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