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Randomized controlled trial of oral vs intravenous therapy for the clinically diagnosed acute uncomplicated diverticulitis


Mr Paul Ridgway, MD MMedSc FRCS (Gen Surg), Department of Surgical Oncology, Room 3-130, 610, Princess Margaret Hospital, University Health Network, University ave, Toronto, Canada, M5G 2M9.


Objective  Despite the high prevalence of hospitalization for left iliac fossa tenderness, there is a striking lack of randomized data available to guide therapy. The authors hypothesize that an oral antibiotic and fluids are not inferior to intravenous (IV) antibiotics and ‘bowel rest’ in clinically diagnosed acute uncomplicated diverticulitis.

Method  A randomized controlled trial was constructed in two District General Hospitals. All clinically diagnosed patients presenting with acute uncomplicated diverticulitis were eligible for the study. Oral and IV regimens utilizing ciprofloxacin and metronidazole were compared. The primary outcomes studied were surrogates for resolution of symptoms (including tenderness on day 3 and length of stay) and failure of oral therapy. Secondary endpoints studied were serial constitutional and biomarker trends.

Results  There were 41 patients in the oral arm and 38 in the IV arm (n = 79). No patient had to be converted to IV antibiotics from the oral group. There was a complete resolution of symptoms in both groups. Tenderness was equivalent in both groups on day 3. Among secondary endpoints, a serial decrease in C reactive protein was the best serological predictor of resolution for both groups.

Conclusion  Oral antibiotics are not inferior to intravenous antibiotics in achieving resolution of clinically diagnosed diverticulitis.