• Conventional laparoscopy;
  • laparoscopic colectomy;
  • single-incision laparoscopy


Aim  Instrument crowding is encountered in single-incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS). Our aim was to compare the results of SILS with those of conventional laparoscopic surgery (CLS) for malignant colorectal disease.

Methods  The records of 27 patients who received SILS for the treatment of malignant disease using a home-made multiple-port system were compared with those of 68 patients who received CLS performed in a standard manner using four to five trocar sites.

Results  There were no significant differences in age, gender, disease stage, tumour location or tumour size between the SILS and CLS groups. The most common surgery was high anterior resection in both groups (SILS, 63.0%vs CLS, 58.8%). There were no significant differences between the groups in types of surgery performed, length of bowel resected, resection margin, blood loss, duration of surgery or postoperative complications. Postoperative pain scores were significantly higher in the SILS group than in the CLS group (3.07 ± 1.14 vs 2.41 ± 0.63, respectively, < 0.001).

Conclusions  SILS is as effective as CLS, and is not associated with increased duration of surgery, blood loss or complications.