• Laparoscopic;
  • colonic surgery


Aim  The use of laparoscopic colonic surgery in Denmark was analysed with particular reference to the length of stay.

Method  Data were obtained from the Danish National Patient Registry to assess duration of hospital stay after laparoscopic colonic surgery in Denmark within the 11-year period from 2000 to 2010.

Results  There were 4582 laparoscopic colonic resections performed, reaching about 1000 operations/year in the last 2 years (2009–2010). Length of stay decreased from a median of 7 to 4 days, while mean length of stay only decreased from 9 to 7 days.

Conclusion  The use of laparoscopic colonic resection has increased in Denmark over the last 11 years and with a concomitant decrease in postoperative length of stay. However, there is a need for further improvement by combining the laparoscopic technique with fast-track recovery.