Leptospirosis and panuveitis in a dog


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A case of panuveitis as a result of leptospiral infection in an 8-year-old Jack Russell Terrier is reported. Mild hyphema, aqueous flare, and partial serous retinal detachments were noted in both eyes on initial ophthalmic examination. The serum microscopic agglutination testing for Leptospira serovarieties revealed titers of 1 : 12 800 for Leptospira canicola and 1 : 200 for Leptospira icterohemorrhagiae. With medical therapy, the panuveitis resolved and functional vision was regained. Four weeks after the initial presentation, convalescent titers were 1 : 200 for L. canicola and 1 : 100 for L. icterohemorrhagiae. The incidence of leptospirosis, along with difficulties diagnosing, and current medical therapies for this disease are also discussed.