Penetrating keratoscleroplasty and bimodal grafting for treatment of limbal melanocytoma in a dog


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A 6-year-old, male neutered, German Shepherd dog presented for evaluation of a dark limbal mass OS. Based on the signalment and clinical findings, a presumptive diagnosis of limbal melanocytoma was made. Additionally, OU demonstrated corneal changes consistent with chronic superficial keratitis. Full thickness en bloc resection of the limbal mass was followed with reconstruction and grafting using both frozen cornea and bulbar conjunctiva. Nitrous oxide cryotherapy was utilized as an adjunctive modality for residual neoplastic cell destruction. Histopathologic evaluation confirmed the presumptive diagnosis. At 18 months postoperatively, there was no evidence of recurrence of the limbal melanocytoma. The dog was treated long-term with both topical steroid and tacrolimus 0.03% for control of the chronic superficial keratitis.