Dear Contributors and Colleagues

In an effort to continue to provide access to published manuscripts as soon as possible and to ensure Authors a rapid turnaround time from submission to publication, I am pleased to announce that Veterinary Ophthalmology is now part of the Wiley-Blackwell Early View service.

All articles will now be published online in advance of their appearance in a print issue. These articles are fully peer reviewed, edited and complete – they only lack page numbers and volume/issue details – and are considered fully published from the date they first appear online. This date is shown with the article in the online table of contents. Because Early View articles are considered fully complete, Authors please bear in mind that changes cannot be made to an article after the online publication date even if it has not yet appeared in print.

The articles are available as full text HTML or PDF and can be cited as references by using their Digital Object Identifier (DOI) numbers. For more information on DOIs, please see

To view all the articles currently available, please visit the journal homepage on and simply click on the ‘Early View’ link under the ‘Find Articles’ header on the left-hand menu bar of the Veterinary Ophthalmology homepage. Following print publication, the article will be removed from the Early View area and will appear instead in the relevant online issue, complete with page numbers and volume/issue details. No other changes will be made.

For readers who wish to be notified when an article is published to Early View simply visit the journal homepage at, go to the Journal Tools on the left-hand menu bar and sign up for Get New Content Alerts. You may choose, daily, weekly or monthly email notification. Once an article is published on Early View, you will receive an email with the pertinent information allowing you access to the article in advance of its appearing in print publication.

The implementation of Early View for Veterinary Ophthalmology represents our commitment to disseminating the cutting edge research published in the journal as quickly as possible so that it is made available to the veterinary community. Our goal is to reduce the time from acceptance to publication without sacrificing quality or completeness.