Study on Chemosensitive Hairs in Wolf Spiders (Araneae, Lycosidae) by Scanning Electron Microscopy



The occurrence of chemosensitive hairs in some lycosid species is examined. The distribution and shape of such hairs dorsally on the male subadult palpal tarsus and the cymbium are compared. In certain species (e.g. of the genera. Pardosa and Alopecosa) the cymbium has a dense covering of these hairs while there are rather few of these in the male subadult palpal tarsus. The cymbium of Aulonia atbimana has comparatively few chemosensitive hairs dorsally, a condition supposedly related to the web-building habit in this species. Indications are given that the cymbial chemosensitive hairs are involved in the detection of presumed contact sex pheromones produced by the female. Certain intergeneric differences in the shape of the apical part of the cymbial chemosensitive hairs are noted.