More than 100 species of gastropods from vent and seep localities around the world are reviewed, based on literature information and new material.

The following new taxa are described (localities with parentheses, systematic position within brackets): Cantrainea macleani sp.n. (Louisiana Slope) [Turbinidae]; Fucaria striata gen. et sp.n. (Juan de Fuca Ridge area), Vetuloniaphalcata sp.n. (North Fiji Basin) [both Trochidae]; Protolira valvatoides gen. et sp.n. (Mid-Atlantic Ridge) [Skeneidae]; Ventsia tricarinata gen. et sp.n. (Lau Basin), Bruceiella globulus gen. et sp.n. (Lau Basin) [both tentatively in Skeneidae]; Melanodrymia brightae sp.n. (Juan de Fuca Ridge area), Pachydermia sculpta sp.n. (Lau Basin), Planorbidella gen.n., P. depressa sp.n. (Lau Basin), Ctenopelta porifera gen. et sp.n. (EPR 13°N)[Peltospiridae]; Helicrenion reticulatum gen. et sp.n. (Lau Basin), Lepfogyra inflata sp.n. (Lau Basin) [families unknown]; Desbruyeresia spinosa gen. et sp.n. (Lau Basin), D. cancellata sp.n.(Lau Basin), D. melanioides sp.n. (Lau Basin), Provanna buccinoides sp.n. (Lau Basin) [Provannidae]; Hyalogyra vitrinelloides sp.n. (Lau Basin), Hyalogyrina grasslei s p a (Guaymas Basin)[Hyalogyrinidae fam. n.], Xylodiscula major sp.n. (North Fiji Basin) [Xylodisculidae].

The external morphology of the soft parts [for Ifremeria and Alviniconcha (Provannidae) also the anatomy] is described for most of the taxa involved.

Some features in the biology and distribution of the gastropod fauna are discussed. About half the fauna consists of species belonging to families or superfamilies endemic to this environment. One-fifth of the remaining species belong to taxa normally associated with biogenic substrates in the deep sea.

Alviniconcha hessleri has previously been shown to harbour chemosynthetic bacteria in the gill; Ifremeria nautilei is here confirmed to do the same. Ctenopelta porifera, and Hirtopelta hirta are suspected to have such bacteria because of reduction of the alimentary system.