Matabelea fuhrmanni (Cestoda, Cyclophyllidea, Paruterinidae): redescription, synonymy and systematic position



Matabelea fuhrmanni (Southwell. 1925) comb. n. [syns Lateriporus fuhrmanni Southwell. 1925: Culcitella fuhrmanni (Southwell) Baer in Fuhrmann, 1932; Matabelea aetodex Mettrick. 1963. new synonym] is redescribed on the basis of the type-specimens of L. fuhrmanni and M. aetodex plus additional specimens from African birds of prey. Matabelea Mettrick. 1963 is regarded as a monotypic genus of the family Paruterinidac and not of the family Dilepididae. where it was originally placed. The host range of M. fuhrmanni includes the African falconiform birds Cireaetus cinereus. Melierus metabates and Aquila rapax (Accipitridac) plus Falco biarmicus (Falconidae).