A new genus Filexilia, is established to accommodate the A. renella-group of Ameira Boeck. 1865 (Harpacticoida, Ameiridae), comprising A. attenuata Thompson, 1893; A. renella Sars, 1907; A. longicaudara Nicholls, 1939; A. brevipes Kunz, 1954; A. pestae Petkovski, 1955; A. longifurca Bodin, 1964; A. gravellicola Guille & Soyer, 1966; A. intermedia Galhano, 1970; A. hrevipes pesrat Petkovski. 1955 sensu Marinov (1971); A. brevipes Kunz, 1954 sensu Apostolov (1977); and A. renella Sars, 1907 sensu Kunz (1983).

Ameira longicaudara Nicholls, 1939, a permanently invalid name as a primary homonym of A. longicaudara T. Scott, 1892 (now type-species of Srenocopia Sars, 1907), is replaced by Filexilia triserosa nom. n. and designated as the type-species. As a result of re-examination of the type material, A. arrenuara is reinstated from its status of species incerrae sedis in Ameira (Lang. 1948) as Filexilia arrenuara (Thompson, 1893) comb. n., and A. renella Sars, 1907 is relegated to a junior synonym of the latter. Ameira renella Sars, 1907 sensu Kunz (1983) is regarded as a distinct species F. azorica sp. n. Ameira longifurca, previously considered a probable synonym of A. rcnellu by Moore (1976). is confirmed as a valid species F. longifurca (Bodin, 1964) comb. n. Ameira pestue, relegated to a subspecies or forma of A. bresipes (Lang, 1965). is reinstated at the species level. Ameira hresipes pesrae Petkovski, 1955 sensu Marinov (1971) is sufficiently distinct from the latter to warrant the erection of a new species F. marinovi sp. n. Ameira hrevipes Kunz, 1954 sensu Apostolov (1977) is regarded as species inquirenda in Filexilia whereas A. hrevipes f. pontica Apostolov, 1969 is rejected.

Updated descriptions are given for both sexes of F. triserosa, F. attenuata and F. lonqifurca. Keys to the species of Filexilia and Sicameira Klie, 1950 are presented and the phylogenetic relationships of both genera are discussed. Ameira bengalensis Rao & Ganapati, 1969 is transferred as the type-species of Glabrameira gen.