Fig. S1. Strict consensus tree for the MP analysis of Hapalopsittaca and the rest of the “amazons and allies” clade. Bootstrap support is indicated above the branches.

Table S1. List of taxa and GenBank accession numbers for the RAG-1 gene used during the divergence dating analysis (see text for explanation). Three individuals were sequenced for this analysis (Colibri coruscans, Phaetornis bourcieri, Hapalopsittaca melanotis).

Table S2. Estimates of divergence time (Myr BP) obtained by BEAST for the RAG1 matrix containing a comprehensive sampling of birds (Appendix S1), using multiple calibrated priors (see text for explanation). Nodes correspond to those of Fig. 4a.

Appendix S1. Description and distribution of each species within Hapalopsittaca.

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