Uretero-Neo-Cystostomy in Renal Transplantation. Is An Antireflux Mechanism Mandatory?


Department of Urology, University of Nijmegen, St Radboud-University Hospital, Geert Grooteplein 22, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.


Summary— We report a retrospective analysis of 120 kidney transplantations in which a simple end-to-side ureteric implantation in the bladder without antireflux mechanism was made. From this study no greater incidence of vesico-ureteric reflux could be demonstrated and, even when present, reflux neither interfered with graft function nor caused an increased incidence of recurrent urinary tract infections. The incidence of other urological complications (leakage, obstruction) being equal, this very simple technique yielded in our hands the best results and we recommend its use in kidney transplantation.