A Controlled Trial of Single Dose lntravesical Adriamycin in Superficial Bladder Tumours


*Department of Urology, Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, Brunswick Road, Norwich NR1 3SR


Summary— Sixty patients with recurrent superficial bladder tumours (Ta or T1) entered an open controlled trial of single dose Adriamycin. After transurethral resection of tumour recurrences, patients were alternately allocated to the control group or to the Adriamycin group, who received an instillation of 50 mg of Adriamycin in 50 ml of saline for 30 min. Six months later all patients were readmitted for endoscopy.

In the Adriamycin group significantly more patients showed a decrease in the number of recurrent papillomas (72%) than in the control group (39%). This study shows that the use of adjuvant chemotherapy in the form of single dose Adriamycin is effective in reducing tumour recurrence.