Deep Scrotal Temperature and the Effect on it of Clothing, Air Temperature, Activity, Posture and Paraplegia



    Corresponding author
    1. MRC Neurological Prostheses Unit, Institute of Psychiatry, London
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      G. S. Brindley, MD, FRCP, FRS, Honorary Director. J. D. Cooper, Chief Research Officer.

MRC Neurological Prostheses Unit, Institute of Psychiatry, De Crespigny Park, London SE5 8AF.


Summary— Two new techniques for measuring deep scrotal temperature are described. Paraplegic men in wheelchairs have deep scrotal temperatures averaging about 0.9°C higher than normal sitting men, and those whose scrotal temperatures are very high usually lack motile spermatozoa. In the author, deep scrotal temperatures at constant air temperature are 0.5°C lower wearing boxer shorts than wearing Y-fronts, and 1.2°C lower wearing scrotal slit underpants than wearing boxer shorts; they are 1.6°C lower sitting with thighs apart than sitting with thighs together, and 0.5°C lower running than sitting with thighs apart. From such observations, means of lowering paraplegic deep scrotal temperatures can be designed.