Summary— Two variations on a test for quantifying urine loss in patients with urinary incontinence were compared. In the first series (Padtest 1), 335 patients underwent a 2-h pad weighing test. A fluid load of 1 litre was administered and followed 1 h later by six separate exercises, each lasting 10 min. One of six sanitary towels was worn during each exercise. Each pad was weighed before and after use to provide information about the severity of the incontinence. In the second series (Padtest 2), 104 patients were studied. The test took the same format but the exercises were rearranged in an attempt to provide information about the importance of the individual exercises. Hand washing was found to be a very provocative test both in women with unstable and those with stable bladders. The order in which the exercises were performed did not influence the overall identification of incontinence in the 2-h test period, and this supports the conclusion that the optimum length of the test is 2 h.