Summary— Advances continue to be made in the treatment of the undescended testis, and treatment recommendations are continually changing. We reviewed 543 patients admitted for treatment of undescended testes in the 10-year period 1977 to 1986. The side and position of the testis were recorded, the patient's age at operation and the procedure carried out. The presence of an associated inguinal hernia was noted. The necessity for reoperation was recorded and predisposing factors sought. We found the mean age at operation to be 9.5 years and this decreased significantly over the study period. Dartos pouch orchiopexy was the commonest operation (69%). No significant link was found between the procedure performed or the presence of a hernia and the need for further procedures; 2.7% of patients required such further procedures. A coherent classification of position is lacking for abnormally descended testes. We report a classification which we used to tackle this situation.