The influence of banana stem extract on urinary risk factors for stones in normal and hyperoxaluric rats



Objective To study the effect of banana stem (Family Musaceae) extract on urinary risk factors in an animal model of hyperoxaluria.

Materials and methods Thirty male rats were divided into five groups of six rats each. The rats in Group I acted as the control, in Group II rats hyperoxaluria was induced using sodium glycollate, Group III were given aqueous banana stem extract alone, Group IV were given both sodium glycollate and aqueous banana stem extract and Group V were given sodium glycollate alone followed by aqueous banana stem extract. Urine analysis (24 h) was carried out to determine the levels of calcium, phosphorous, oxalate, glycollic acid and glyoxylic acid in each of the five groups.

Results In the rats treated with aqueous banana stem extract, urinary oxalate excretion was significantly reduced when compared with the controls. The extract reduced urinary oxalate, glycollic and glyoxylic acid and phosphorus excretion in the hyperoxaluric rats. The extract appeared to have no effect on urinary calcium excretion.

Conclusion Banana stem extract from the Musaceae family may be a useful agent in the treatment of patients with hyperoxaluric urolithiasis.