Vacuum constriction devices in erectile dysfunction: acceptance and effectiveness in patients with impotence of organic or mixed aetiology



Objective To investigate the value of vacuum constriction devices in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Patients and methods A total of 67 patients were treated with vacuum constriction devices. The impotence was of organic origin in 36 men (54%) while in the remaining 31 (46%) it was of mixed aetiology (organic and psychological factors). Forty-seven patients continued to use the device at home for the duration of the practice period.

Results All 67 patients underwent a vacuum test which resulted in nearly half of them achieving an erection sufficient for intercourse. Adequate erections were achieved in 34 of 47 (72%) patients who used the device at home during the practice period. In the group of patients with organic impotence (venous leakage), rigidity was better and the frequency of' intercourse higher than in patients with diabetes and in those with neurogenic disorders.

Conclusion These findings support further the role for vacuum devices for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in carefully selected patients.