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We will have another new section, which will break new ground in urological journals.

This is the final issue of the year, which brings my first year as Editor-in-Chief of the BJU International to an end. I have enjoyed the process of editing the Journal very much indeed, and hope that it has been received by its readers with some degree of pleasure. I am personally delighted by the standard of the manuscripts which have been submitted and hope that this has added to the ‘reader friendliness’ which I have tried to demonstrate; the many changes in the Journal have been enjoyable for me to make, and all of this with the reader in mind.

In fact, I would like to make it clear that to make changes requires more than just the Editor. The wish on the part of the Editor needs to be put into fact by a large team, and it is appropriate that I thank everybody at this time of the year. The input from members of the Editorial Board has been very much appreciated, and I feel that the work done by busy urologists and scientists all over the world in receiving papers I have sent them has been quite astonishing; I wish to thank them for this. My editorial team has also been very supportive and enthusiastic – each one has had a major effect on the Journal. I would also like to thank the publishers at Blackwells; this part of the team has been extremely professional, never finding difficulties with any of the changes being made in the Journal, and always making these changes on time. I would also like to mention the excellent designing of the new look journal by Liz Usher, who has helped greatly. Finally, a very special thank you to my Editorial Manager, Emma Kelly, for her hard work, good humour, enthusiasm and excellent organization.

I am pleased to say that the changes to the web site will soon be coming into effect. I believe that it will now be easier and more pleasing to use. There will also be further changes in the Journal itself. From the first issue of 2004 we will have another new section, which will break new ground in urological journals. I feel certain it will prove to be very successful with the readership.

I hope that the Journal will continue to develop over the next year, and that the idea of a high quality and interesting publication, which is colourful and enjoyable to read, will be maintained. May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas and festive season, and a successful 2004.

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