Feasibility of open simple prostatectomy with early vascular control


A. Shaheen, Urology, St. Vincent University Hospital, Dublin 4, Ireland.
e-mail: dnanmhs@hotmail.com



To determine the feasibility of open simple prostatectomy with early vascular control in the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), and thus reduce blood loss.


Thirty-seven patients were reviewed from 1991 to 2002; 34 had a Millin's and three a Freyer's prostatectomy performed by one surgeon, with early vascular control.


The mean operative duration was 1.3 h and the mean blood loss 841 mL, with a mean decrease in haemoglobin level of 22 g/L. Six (16%) of the patients received a blood transfusion. The mean weight of the prostate removed was 97.8 g; the duration of catheterization and the hospital stay after surgery were 6.21 and 11.7 days, respectively. There was one (3%) death and one case of pulmonary embolism. Three patients (8%) developed stress incontinence. Two failed to void after surgery and one developed acute retention 3 years later. Five patients developed recurrent obstructive symptoms.


Open simple prostatectomy with early vascular control reduces the amount of blood loss, rendering it a safe option for treating BPH.