Lower urinary tract symptoms and male sexual dysfunction in Asia: a survey of ageing men from five Asian countries


Man-Kay Li, Gleneagles Medical Center, Napier Road 2–18, Singapore 258499.
e-mail: mkli56@singnet.com.sg



To determine, using the Asian Survey of Aging Males (ASAM), the prevalence of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and sexual disorders in Asian men aged 50–80 years, and to investigate the relationship between LUTS and sexual dysfunction, as community-based studies have shown a relationship between LUTS and sexual dysfunction.


The ASAM survey was conducted in selected cities in five Asian countries, using a combination of face-to-face and mail-survey methods. The survey evaluated demographics, urinary symptoms (using the International Prostate Symptom Score, IPSS, and bother score), functional problems (using the Danish Prostatic Symptoms Score, DAN-PSS-Sex, and International Index of Erectile Function, IIEF) and comorbidity factors. In all, 1155 men aged 50–80 years completed the survey.


The prevalence of LUTS varied among the countries, ranging from 14% in Singapore to 59% in the Philippines. Moderate to severe LUTS were reported by 36% of men aged 50–59 years, 50% aged 60–69 years and 60% aged 70–79 years. About three-quarters of all respondents (72%) aged 50–80 years were sexually active. Erectile dysfunction was reported by 63% of men in the study, of whom 57% were bothered by their symptoms. Ejaculation disorders were present in 68% of respondents (52% reported bothersomeness) and pain on ejaculation was experienced by 19% of the men in the study (88% reported bothersomeness). Sexual disorders increased with age and increasing severity of their LUTS. Erectile and ejaculation problems were more common in subjects with diabetes or hypertension; these two groups showed the same relationship between LUTS severity and sexual disorders.


These results confirmed that sexual activity is common in Asian men aged 50–80 years, even at an advanced age. They also confirmed the correlation between LUTS and sexual dysfunction.