Imaging and urodynamics of the lower urinary tract


  • Sam Gray

Uday Patel and David Rickards, Taylor & Francis 2005 , ISBN 1841843253 ; 143 pages, Price £34.95

This short urological text comes with an eminently appealing title to urology trainees and consultants alike. However, before opening the front cover I was unsure as to how a pocket-sized book could adequately cover such broad subject matter within a meagre 143 pages; thankfully, my reservations were completely unfounded.

Written by two leading authorities in uroradiology, this book is laid out in 14 concise chapters which in turn cover diagnostic anatomical imaging of the bladder, before leading into functional assessments and urodynamics. The latter half of the book covering the normal and abnormal urethra was exceptionally well written and comprehensive for such an abbreviated text.

In my opinion the strengths of this book lie in several key areas. First, the selection of images to illustrate different diagnoses was well chosen and very clear and, as well as describing established radiological techniques, there was a clear emphasis on how diagnostic uroradiology is changing with the introduction of new technology. The authors have also supplemented the images where necessary with clever diagrams and diagnostic algorithms; this is particularly evident in the chapter covering functional assessments and urodynamics (Chapter 8). What I particularly like in the urodynamics chapter is how, in one page, the authors tie together uroflowmetry findings with urodynamics and fluoroscopy to present the differing findings for each of the common diagnoses, no doubt providing a readily available reference tool. Practical perspectives are clearly evident throughout the text through simple step-by-step guides describing exactly how to perform each of the radiological investigations, from MRI scanning of the urinary bladder to micturating cysto-urethrography.

In summary, this is a well written and concise urological text giving a refreshing approach to the diagnoses of lower urinary tract pathology from the perspective of the expert uroradiologist. The text is supplemented throughout with abundant good images and clear technical details, permitting survival in any departmental x-ray conference. To gain most from this book all that is required is basic urological knowledge; hence it would appeal to all levels of trainee from the enthusiastic senior house officer to the specialist registrar preparing for the FRCS(Urol).