I am very grateful to all of our reviewers for giving their precious time to maintaining or improving the quality of the BJU International


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It is the start of another year, and I hope it is another good one for the Journal! I was very pleased with most aspects of our performance in 2006, and I hope this is shared by the readers and contributors. The most important features in a journal are the quality and the content, particularly if these are excellent. It is also very important that a journal should be pleasing to read, and that it is presented in a way that will attract people to its pages. Less important to me is the Impact Factor, but even so I am pleased to see that the BJU International’s has continued to increase, despite a significant increase in the number of articles published (this being the denominator of the Impact Factor). I hope that you the readers continue to enjoy the Journal.

There will be several new additions to the Journal in 2007, and several alterations. For example, in the February issue, we will be adding a new ‘Focus on Details’ section to the popular Surgery Illustrated part of the Journal. This promises to be very exciting, and Joe Thuroff will write an introductory editorial comment next month. The new website developments are advancing rapidly, and I think you will very much enjoy the innovations that we plan to introduce in this extension of the Journal. I will be writing much more about this in the future, as well as introducing the web editors and letting you know about their urological background.

Finally, a very special word of thanks to our reviewers, who are listed at the back of this month’s Journal. I am very grateful to all of them for giving their precious time to maintaining or improving the quality of the BJU International. Virtually all of them review for many other journals as well, so their contribution is particularly welcome. It goes without saying that I extend my thanks to the publishers, Blackwell Publishing and to the BJU International Company for their support. The Associate Editors have contributed a considerable amount of their time, and without their input, the Journal would not run as smoothly as it does.

My final words of thanks go to Emma Kelly-McDermott and Sinead Kelleher in the Journal Office, who have helped so much to make the BJU International a pleasure for me to edit.

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