This article corrects:

  1. Prospective evaluation of p53 as a prognostic marker in T1 transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder Volume 99, Issue 2, 281–285, Article first published online: 28 November 2006

In [1], the following error was present in the submitted manuscript and subsequently appeared Online Early and in the print issue BJU99:2.

PAGE 281

Middle column, OBJECTIVE.

In the OBJECTIVE, the following sentences were incorrect:

During the follow-up, 34 additional patients had a radical cystectomy and nine died from bladder cancer. The association of p53 overexpression with progression or survival was not significant.

These sentences should have appeared as follows:

The 3 year and 5 year overall survival rates were 81% (95% CI: 73%, 90%) and 68% (95% CI: 56%, 80%) respectively. The 3 year and 5 year disease specific survival rates were 87% (95% CI: 79%, 94%) and 79% (95% CI: 70%, 89%) respectively. There was no difference in disease-specific survival between patients with and without p53 over expression (p = 0.56).